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DNA. The great book of life, from Mendel to genomics.

Exhibition held at Rome’s Palazzo delle Esposizioni in 2017.

DNA contains all the information required for any part of the body. The development of different and specialized structures just depends on which segments of the genome are activated by so-called regulator genes.
Concept, creative direction, copywriting and production by TODO.

Storyboards, illustrations, motion graphic design and direction: Sandra Hiralal
Music, sound effects, recordings and mix: Ezra – Nomad Studio
Subtitles: I Cammelli
Scientific coordinator: Stefano Papi
Scientific curators: Bernardino Fantini, University of Geneva; Telmo Pievani, University of Padua; Sergio Pimpinelli, Sapienza University of Rome; Fabrizio Rufo, Sapienza University of Rome

That’s all ©Sandra Hiralal 2018, folks!